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Frequently Asked Questions

Press Pass began as a cooperative project with the Kansas Press Association, which has made it available to all of its members. If you are a KPA member, please contact them for more information. If you are from another state and your press association would like to provide access to its members, please visit our contact page to request more information.

From us? No. Your goal will be to digest this information and then use it to complete your assignments for your community newspaper. Our goal is to help you be ready for whatever your community (and publisher) throws your way.

Then this class is definitely for you. Studying at a college or university and earning a journalism degree is a great approach for some people, but our goal is to help prepare you for being a community journalist through an alternate path.

The course is made up of informational sheets as well as a variety of instructional videos. Most of the videos are shorter than 20 minutes, making them easy to digest. The course is designed for you to get a footing but also continue to learn while working full time as a community journalist.